Cecilia Lion Is The Boss’ Sexy Daughter Over at I Know That Girl

May 10, 2018 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

You Just Gotta Help Your Boss Out!

Sexy porno newbie Cecilia Lion is the focus of this new POV scene over at Mofos' I Know That Girl website. Holy fuck, she is very fine. Wow, I want to see her cast in a whole lot of things right the fuck now. Damn. I am smitten. Anyway, she plays the boss' super sexy, young daughter here and the boss is just drowning in work that he has got to get done and he asks us to take Lion out to lunch for him so that he can focus better while she is gone. Oh, we as the viewers get right on helping the man out.

She goes ahead and asks us for the "Johnson report" when we are all alone with her and that turns out to be our already erect and ready to service this woman cock. Damn, she is great. She gives some fine looking head and just looks fucking beautiful getting her pussy fucked here. I could stare at that ass of hers for days on end. Go watch the whole scene right now like I did!

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