Mina Alpina Takes A Game-Playing Ride Over at Bums Bus

May 8, 2018 | Posted in Hardcore by holly-kingstown

Beep, Beep! Get Onboard!

Inked brunette hottie Mina Alpina is the latest lovely to catch a ride with the gents over at Bums Bus. The Bums Bus is riding around the active, beautiful streets of Berlin here, looking for a young lady willing to play their games and enjoy the fun that they have to offer. They offer cash, a good time and naturally, a deep dicking for the women who take advantage of their offers and well, you have to live in this life. Try everything that interests you, you know?

Alpina is down for the shenanigans and she is offered a game of "Bitch Pong" versus hung performer Jason Steel. There is cash for her if she can get a ball in the red Solo cup but she agrees to strip if she misses. Fortunately, she misses the cup a bunch but so does Steel and Steel is freaking hot. She definitely loves his body and once she is out of a bunch of her clothes, the game is over at the fucking begins. Watch these strangers enjoy each other's young, hot bodies!

Click right here or on the banner below to watch the whole scene right now!

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