Eiza Gonzalez Has Mastered The Gym Selfie

May 4, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Normally when I see someone posting pictures of themselves at the gym, I can't help it, but roll my eyes. We get it, you like to workout and you're proud of your body and you can do a pull-up, aren't you so special. Yet when Eiza Gonzalez does it I find myself strangely fascinated and curious to know more. What is her workout like? Does she only wear sports bras? How did she master the art of the gym selfie?

We'll probably never know the answer to some of these questions and I guess that's okay. Who doesn't love a good mystery every now and then? Plus it's hard to think about anything else when Eiza Gonzalez's cleavage is on full display. Though, Eiza Gonzalez's cleavage could probably help one through a whole number of situations. Can't figure out your taxes, look at Eiza Gonzalez's cleavage. Worried about that big presentation at work, look at some Eiza Gonzalez cleavage. Having the best day of your life, look at Eiza Gonzalez's cleavage. Really any time is a good time for some Eiza Gonzalez cleavage.

So the next time your friend on social media posts a pic of themselves at the gym don't roll your eyes. Instead, close them and picture Eiza Gonzalez. But still make a snarky comment about "how much ya bench?"

via Eiza Gonzalez on Instagram

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