Checking in with Girlsway Girl Of The Month for May Chloe Cherry

May 1, 2018 | Posted in Pornstars by holly-kingstown

Chloe Is The Coolest!

Hot, hardworking porno blonde Chloe Cherry has been given one of lesbian porn's top honors by being named Girlsway's Girl Of The Month for the month of May. She did her very first Girlsway scene last year and has been making an impression on porn fans everywhere for all of her scenes, really. She does a ton of hardcore anal scenes on the straight side of the fence but she is all kinds of down for all of the lesbian action that she gets cast to be a part of. It is great to see her versatility get honored this way and here is what she had to say about receiving this honor.

Congrats on being Girlsway's Girl of the Month! How does it feel to be given that honor? 
"It feels so good. I have had so many amazing days on set with Girlsway and I always tell people that Girlsway is my favorite company. It feels so good to be loved by the people you love. :)"
What do you love most about Girlsway and the Girlsway production staff? 
"They are all really nice and amazing and all so funny and fun. They are the most fun production staff to work with. I am friends with most of them too. They are great people! I have such good days with them always and they make me feel so good!!"
What do you think makes Girlsway's scenes special? 
"They have a storyline and it is acted out in a very improvisational way, making it more real no matter how ridiculous the story. The scenes always come out so cute and fun because it was such a great day making it!!"
What makes a great girl/girl scene in your experience? 
"When the girl is, like, making eyes at me and lightly touching me with her soft fingers.... it really turns me on every time."
How does being a Girlsway Girl of the Month rank among your porn experiences to date? 
"It’s, like, the coolest I have ever felt."
What Girlsway scenes have you enjoyed doing the most so far in your time working for them? 
"I actually really liked doing the 'Three Girls and a Bolster' scene I did over for All Girl Massage best because the talent was so hot and so pro (I worked with Whitney Wright and Angela White in that scene) and the story was so simple but it really turned me on. I loved it."
Part of being in a Girlsway scene always involves acting. What roles have you enjoyed performing most for Girlsway? 
"I liked being all the roles, actually. I especially liked my character in the 'Truth Or Dare' scene with Lily Love and Adria Rae because I was so innocent. It’s fun to play innocent. I’m really good at it for some reason...."
Other than being a Girlsway Girl of the Month, what else would you most like to achieve in your porn career? 
"I am really proud every day for being a Spiegler Girl. Also, I have done a lot of unique scenes that I will forever cherish."
What is coming up for you? 
"Lots of porn movies!! So many, like, I have been very busy and I am just rolling around in sexual happiness."
Is there anything you would like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot? 
"Hello, I love you! Thank you for your support. Thank you to anyone that has ever supported me. I LOVE what I do and I am so grateful I get to do it. I am so blessed and so full of love. :)"
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