Check Out This Boob Suction Play

April 30, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown


Have You Ever Tried Suction Play?

This loving German couple likes to enhance their fun with some suction play and they are just giving enough to share their fun with us by way of this video. Suction play is some pretty amazing stuff. Many of you might be very well acquainted with penis pumps but suction pumps can be incredible for the ladies, too. A clit pump can be pretty incredible as it makes the clit super sensitive but here, we get to see how a pump can work on the nipples.

You will definitely want to use some lotion on the to-be-suctioned skin or even better some of your favorite water-based lube if you go ahead and try this kind of play at home and definitely have scissors handy if you decide to try this suction with the binding. You should not feel any numbness with this kind of play. I love how about pleasing her partner this blonde is and it is just mesmerizing watching how her breasts fill the tube and change texture. Check this out.

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