This Hot Aussie Mistress Will Leave You Beggin’ For A Peggin’!

April 19, 2018 | Posted in Amateur by holly-kingstown

She's Going To Tell You What To Do!

This Australian mistress is decked out in leather along with her strap-on for this excellent POV fem dom moment and I frickin' adore her. She looks hot in her glasses, has a filthy mouth and is quick with the insults. She also has quite the nicotine craving and she smokes away as she berates the viewer for craving being a dirty, cock sucking submissive who wants all the strap-on and possibly real cock in his mouth.

Me? I just ignore her pronouns and enjoy the fuck out of this. I love how aggressive she is. Damn, she is a fine top. Oh yeah, she could fuck my throat all day long with that thing. Fuck, she looks hot when she blows smoke onto that dildo. She rocks her hips to show how she would ram that dong of hers down a submissive's throat and her leather-encased tits bounce just the slightest bit during that show. You have just got to respect how good she is at delivering all of this here.

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