Stay Right There Demi Lovato

April 18, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

This Is The Perfect View

Staying in the pool for too long can be a real problem. Your skin starts to feel kind of icky from all the chlorine, your hair gets sticky, the wrinkly fingers and such, yet it would be pretty awesome if Demi Lovato could just hang out in the pool for a bit longer. This is one hell of a view and honestly, I never want it to change.

Though, I guess she's going to have to get out of the pool. I mean, she could totally move to a chair and get some sun. I think that would be acceptable by all of us. Still, this is probably the sexiest pool pic I've seen of anyone in a good long time. And I do mean from anyone, not just Demi Lovato. Though, it's totally my new favorite Demi Lovato pool pic. Thank goodness someone was right the to snap this wonderful pic and share it with the world. The sad thing about this pic is knowing, deep down, that Demi Lovato had to get out of a pool at some point.

Sigh. That's the nature of pools, they make you want to stay in them all day. Hopefully, Demi Lovato was in there long enough to feel she got her money's worth. I know we all did.

via Demi Lovato on Instagram

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