Amber Rose Gets Our Attention

April 16, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Who Could Look Away From Amber Rose In A Bikini?

I have no idea if Amber Rose is sticking her tongue out because she thinks we aren't going to notice her. But she's wearing a bikini. There is no way in the world any of us would not notice Amber Rose in a bikini. After all, it's Amber Rose and she's in a bikini, that's not something one can simply ignore, nor should anyone want to.

Amber Rose could totally just be messing around, being silly sexy, which is always fun. This could totally be an outtake from a bigger photo spread that she felt like sharing with the world on Instagram. Whatever her reasoning sticking her tongue out is fine with all of us. As long as we get to see Amber Rose in a bikini she can make whatever face she wants. Though, to be honest with you guys like I always am, I didn't notice her tongue sticking out for a good ten minutes. I was a little focused on Amber Rose's awesome cleavage and then wondering how long it took to put on those fake sleeve tattoos. I mean, those aren't real, right? I don't remember Amber Rose have two sleeve tattoos before... at least I don't think I remember seeing them before.

Amber Rose in a bikini is a something magical, a true gift our eyes. We will always notice it, we all always make sure it has our complete and total attention.

via Amber Rose on Instagram

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