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Emily Ratajkowski Should Only Wear See-Through Clothes

While one could argue on the effectiveness of a see-through raincoat, I think we can all agree that Emily Ratajkowski wearing one is really damn sexy. Seriously, there isn't anything Emily Ratajkowski doesn't look incredibly sexy in, especially if that article of clothing happens to be see-through. It kind of makes you want Emily Ratajkowski to only wear see-through clothing.

Now, with this particular Instagram post, Emily Ratajkowski mentions something about a "sneak-peek" and I don't know if that's referring to the fact we can see her boobs or this is a sneak peek at some new sexy photos of Emily Ratajkowski coming our way. I really don't want to be more excited for. We all love getting a chance to see Emily Ratajkowski's breasts, be they unobstructed or in a see-through raincoat, and the idea of there being more sexy Emily Ratajkowski pics on the way is always a pleasing thought. Guess the only we can do is keep our eyes peeled for more Emily Ratajkowski sexiness heading our way, be that in the form a see-through raincoat or something else.

Man, Emily Ratajkowski and her super duper sexy body are never, ever going to get old. Each and every time it comes across my desk I'm happier than a kid at Christmas opening that one present they really wanted. Of course, that's probably because all I want for Christmas, my birthday, and all gift-giving holidays is more Emily Ratajkowski sexiness.

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