Of Course Aubrey O'Day Hangs Out In Lingerie

April 11, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

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And It Shouldn't A Shock, But Aubrey O'Day In Lingerie Is Awesome

I know I should stop being surprised by the fact incredibly sexy people hang out in incredibly sexy lingerie. It's just I know what I look like on a lazy Sunday and it ain't Aubrey O'Day level hotness. In fact, I'm often a little bit embarrassed to answer the door when my food delivery arrives when I'm in my lazy clothes. I bet every delivery person is fighting to work on the weekends in the hopes of getting to deliver something to Aubrey O'Day.

It just every single time this fact is confirmed I'm taken back a bit. It's probably because getting the proof of something you knew is a great feeling and it's even better when that proof is in the form of Aubrey O'Day in lingerie. That is something that always gives me pause, in a good way. I think we all have to pause whatever we are doing when Aubrey O'Day in lingerie. That's probably the real reason I'm always a touch surprised to learn what we all know, hot people are hot all the damn time. Whether it's hanging out in lingerie or drinking a soda, Aubrey O'Day is going to be hot and she's going to wear very little.

So, put on your laziest ensemble and revel in the joy that is Aubrey O'Day in her lingerie. You'll be as comfortable as possible and there is no better way to enjoy Aubrey O'Day's sexiness than when you are comfy.

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