Madelaine Petsch Remind Us Why Squats Are Awesome

April 6, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Forget The Gym, Just Watch Madelaine Petsch Workout

Everyone always jokes about skipping leg day, but it's really the most important day on your exercise calendar. Your legs are your largest muscle group and it always tends to work that core a little bit. And if that isn't enough to get to keep doing leg day, then Madelaine Petsch doing squats should remind you how important and how awesome leg day truly is.

Or you could be like and skip the gym all together. Really when you look at it you don't ever get your money's worth. You'd have to go like every single day and use every single machine to really get the full advantage of a gym membership. What I have work, something that works really well at getting my heart rate up, giving me a nice sweaty glaze is to look at pictures of Madelaine Petsch working out, especially when she's doing leg day. Yeah, I feel like I've just run a marathon, and I haven't even made it through all the pictures yet! Yeah, this is real value here, you know you are getting everything you paid for when you see Madelaine Petsch doing squats.

Hey, if you're gym rat and you love working out, odds are you don't need anything to motivate you. But you probably love having a little encouragement so, by all means enjoy Madelaine Petsch doing out. It truly is one hell of a beautiful sight.

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