A Nude Elsa Hosk Is Unreal

March 27, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Hard To Believe Elsa Hosk Nude Is This Hot

For a moment, a brief moment, I believed that we were not looking at a nude Elsa Hosk, but we were in fact staring at a nude Elsa Hosk doll. Someone had spent days, if not weeks, creating the most realistic Elsa Hosk doll ever and then posed it for these pics. Yes, Elsa Hosk nude is so hot it's almost unreal.

It can't be real, I honestly believed it couldn't be real, that there is someone out there this hot. Yet, Elsa Hosk is very real and very hot when she's nude. Though, I think it's the merkin that was throwing me off a little. Sure, Elsa Hosk is posed strangely in a few of these pics, as if she was made of rubber and plastic, but the fake bush looks fake. At least, I believe she's wearing a merkin, I can't know for sure. But her bush is black in a few pics and then blonde in others so unless they stopped the photo shoot to dye her bush, I think it's a fake. Though, I guess it could be CGI too... Look, all I'm really trying to say here is Elsa Hosk completely nude is so stunning it almost seems like it can't be possible that this much beauty would be roaming the Earth.

Sure, you can call me a fool, tell me I'm wrong, and I'm okay with that. Elsa Hosk is nude and that's all I really care about. Nothing else in the world seems as important as this.

photos via Treats!

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