5 Things You Should Know About "The Weight of Infidelity" from Pure Taboo, by Angela White

April 20, 2018 | Posted in Pornstars by holly-kingstown

Body Positivity Rules

AVN Female Performer of the Year Angela White stars in and wrote this compelling new FREE Pure Taboo scene directed by Bree Mills. White performs with Karla Lane and Tommy Pistol. It is really, really great stuff and you absolutely should watch it now.


"I recently teamed up with Bree Mills and the team at Pure Taboo to create a dark scene with a powerful message. The Weight of Infidelity explores the ways idealized body types can be used as a means of control, power, and dominance."

"I wrote the story myself, which is uncharted and scary territory for me, as my own productions have always focussed firmly on straight-to-sex gonzo. Teaming up with Bree and Pure Taboo seemed like the perfect way to bring a story to life that has been swirling around in my head for sometime. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to collaborate with. Everyone was so passionate about the importance of the project that we shot well into the night to make the scene perfect."

"I was given the freedom to cast the scene myself, and I was ecstatic to have 2018 AVN Best Actor winner, Tommy Pistol, and the 2016 AVN BBW Performer of the Year, Karla Lane, as my co-stars. They did an incredible job addressing a serious topic with both sensitivity and courage. In the scene, John (played by Tommy) exploits his wife’s insecurities (Angie, played by me) and uses weight as a weapon to control her actions. John supervises Angie’s food intake, watches her weekly weigh-ins, and organizes her workout schedule. John’s manipulations have diminished Angie’s self-worth to the point where she feels grateful to him for even being with her. Meanwhile, John is having an affair with a much curvier woman, Karen (played by Karla Lane). In this relationship, John is pressuring Karen to gain weight with the promise that if she reaches a target weight they can move in together. Without giving away too much of the story, both women come to realize that John’s manipulations have nothing to do with either of their weight, but everything to do with control and dominance."

"The story employs the fetish of feederism as a vehicle for exploring John’s manipulative tactics of force feeding. But it is important to keep in mind the feederism is not necessarily a form of abuse. Feederism can be a safe, sane and consensual sexual practice. It can sometimes include a D/s power structure, but can also simply focus on the enjoyment of food in an intimate context."

"The Weight of Infidelity challenges stereotypes and breaks taboos, none more so than the taboo of “fat” itself. Fat is a feminist issue and even though the adult entertainment industry is more inclusive of different body types than most media, we can always endeavor to be even more Body Positive. I was proud to have Karla as my co-star, whose affirming message is as compelling as her sexual prowess."

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Pure Taboo. Follow White on Twitter to keep up with all of her sexy porno doings and click right here to watch this scene FOR FREE over at Pure Taboo!

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