More Elsa Hosk in a See-Through Top, Please

March 23, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Can't Hide Elsa Hosk's Beauty

Look, I would never go around looking at horses in the mouth, that's not my style. I appreciate any and all chances to see Elsa Hosk in a see-through top; it's beautiful. Elsa Hosk has some great boobs and be they out in the open or under a see-through top is great. But, there has to be more than a pic of Elsa Hosk in a see-through top, and I think it would be a great benefit to all if we could have more of these pics.

There is no way the photographer got Elsa Hosk to be their model, put her in this incredible see-through top, positioned her arms, snapped one single picture, and called it day. I'm sorry, that didn't happen. If I know anything about photographer it's that they take hundreds of pictures at once. They spend hours and hours going through each photo looking for the perfect one. And while I agree this one hell of a beautiful Elsa Hosk pic, there has to be more. We must see those pics. Elsa Hosk in a see-through top is probably the highlight of my week and seeing more would most likely be the highlight of my month.

So come on people, where are the other Elsa Hosk in a see-through top pics? When are you going to release them? Why are you hiding them from us? Elsa Hosk's beauty can't be hidden, it must be seen!

photo via V Magazine

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