Alexis Ren Proves Less Is More

March 12, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

The Less Alexis Ren Wears, The More Hotness She Displays

Typically when people start throwing around the whole "less is more," phrase I tend to tune out. Nine times out of ten less is, in fact, not more. It's less. More is more and less is less that's pretty much the way of the world. But there is that one time when less really is more. When Alexis Ren is wearing less she really is more hot, thus proving that less is, in fact, more.

Just when you think Alexis Ren can't get any hotter, she wears less clothing and BAM! She's way, way, way hotter. It's almost hard to quantify her hotness because of this fact. I mean, seeing Alexis Ren in lingerie is quite amazing, it's really one hell of a beautiful sight. But then you see Alexis Ren is a pair of panties and an open top and all of sudden you find yourself staring with your mouth hanging out open. You know that Alexis Ren simply can't get hotter... until she is. Alexis Ren in panties only will not only send chills up your spine, but the spines of people who are within two miles of you. That must be it, that must the peak of Alexis Ren's hotness, right? Wrong. Alexis Ren nude is... is... well, I don't know if there is even a word for it yet. 

I'm still a firm believer that less is less and more is more, but Alexis Ren in less is way more than any of us could have ever imagined. She just keeps getting hotter the less she wears. Guess we don't really have to understand, we just have to see it with our own eyes.

photos via Maxim Mexico

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