Kendra Lynn and Alex More Have A Sexy Nuru Threeway Over at Fantasy Massage

He's Not Supposed To Be There!

Spa receptionist Kendra Lynn has a big crush on her coworker at the spa, masseuse Alex More in their new scene over at Fantasy Massage directed by Billy Visual. It has been dead with no phone calls and no clients all day at the spa and with More looking all hot in her sexy red lingerie, Lynn decides that it is time to make her move to get some lesbian nuru action going with More.

More is down and the two get down to getting slick with nuru gel. They give each other a bunch of clit love when janitor Lucas Frost stumbles upon them while he is doing his usual spa cleaning duties. He tries to hide and jerk off while watching the lesbian sex show in front of them but they catch him in the act. They decide to punish him for his peeping ways by making his erect cock their own toy.

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