Kim Kardashian West Eating Noodles Topless Is Bold

March 8, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Is Kim K Topless or Nude While Eating?

Anyone who has enough courage to cook or eat in the nude, I admire. Unless you are only going to eat cold food, the idea of doing anything that could hurt, burn, or sting a sensitive area is not for me. So, Kim Kardashian West you are incredibly bold, and we salute your badassness for not only eating topless but eating noodles while topless.

Personally, I don't know a single person who enjoys eating a bowl of cold noodles so unless Kim Kardashian West is the one person on the planet who does, you know that bowl is at least room temp. As hard as one tries to prevent anything from splashing around when you are having noodles it's going to happen. And Kim Kardashian West's boobs are right there. They are right in the line of fire and she's going on as if she's wearing a bib and that is damn sexy. That is really damn sexy. Kim Kardashian West eating topless alone would be sexy, but a bowl of noodles takes it to a whole other level. I'm really in awe of Kim Kardashian West right now. Her bravery is super sexy... and so are her boobs.

Hats off to you, Kim Kardashian West. Or maybe I should say tops off to you, Kim Kardashian West. Your topless eating is not only sexy but pretty damn brave. I wonder what she had baked Alaska for dessert...

via Kim Kardashian West on Instagram

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