Fleshbot's Sex Toy of the Week: Wicked Sensual Care’s Hybrid Lube

Give A Hybrid A Try!

Have you tried a hybrid lube yet? This one from Wicked Sensual Care is a super place to start. Hybrid lubes are a mix of silicone and water-based lube so you get the best of both types of lube when you use a hybrid. Something to keep in mind is that you can not and should not use a hybrid lube with any silicone sex toys you have as it will damage them. If you ever have a doubt as to how a lube will interact with one of your sex toys, do a patch test before you incorporate it into your bedroom play. Apply a bit of the lube to an area of the toy that you don't use for insertion and wait to see if the toy's surface area changes in any way.

Wicked's odorless and flavorless hybrid washes away easily after sex but stays where you put it when it's time to get down. It is condom safe so adding this to your safe sex play is super recommended. It's also glycerin and paraben free so if you have sensitive skin, this hybrid is an excellent choice.

Pick up your own bottle of Wicked Sensual Care Hybrid lube from clicking right here!

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