That's Impressively Sexy, Nicole Scherzinger

March 3, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Nicole Scherzinger Is Sexy Strong

I have no idea what Nicole Scherzinger is doing in this Instagram post. I'm sure it's a kind of super yoga or pilates or something else, but there are two things I know for certain about what she's doing. First off, it's sexy as hell. Second, I'm all different kinds of impressed by this move.

Honestly, I can't fathom the kind strength needed to not only hold yourself upside down, but then do a split. That action alone seems like something man wasn't meant to do. Then you toss in the fact it's Nicole Scherzinger doing it, which adds a whole new level of difficulty because she makes just about everything sexy. Seriously, this is crazy. This is insane. This is making my brain hurt. Nicole Scherzinger is just way too sexy and way too strong right now, it's a bit much to take in. I'm totally going to keep staring, of course - I don't know how to look away from this sight. And you know what really puzzles the mind? There's someone in the background just sitting in a chair looking at Nicole Scherzinger being impressively sexy. I don't understand how someone can just sit through this...

So, I'm going to need to lay down and give my swirling mind a rest. Nicole Scherzinger and her incredible strength and strong sexiness makes for one hell of a tiring combination. I'll just look for a couple more minutes...

via Nicole Scherzinger on Instagram

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