Janelle Monáe's Got an Anthem for the Sexually Fluid

As a celebrity a person in society, you really can't win. People who claim to be bisexual are often picked apart for not picking a side, not appearing enough with someone of the same sex to be considered anything but bi-curious, or worse - being "slutty." 

As most of us know, though, sexuality is far more nuanced than even the Kinsey Scale will elucidate. It is what it is. You like who you like. Few people are entirely, 100 percent straight, and few are entirely gay. That is why I am here for this jam. Here's what Janelle, who many have speculated is bisexual, says about the anthem in an interview with the Guardian

“It’s a celebratory song,” she says. “I hope that comes across. That people feel more free, no matter where they are in their lives, that they feel celebrated. Because I’m about women’s empowerment. I’m about agency. I’m about being in control of your narrative and your body. That was personal for me to even talk about: to let people know you don’t own or control me and you will not use my image to defame or denounce other women.”

The video features Janelle walking into a club with Tessa Thompson and finding herself pulled to both her beautiful friend and a sexy guy. It's got some insanely sexy visuals, obviously. 

The artist worked on this song with Prince before his passing, and it is fantastic in refreshing in every way. Janelle's message is frequently one of championing your own authenticity - whatever that may be, and damn, this song is encouraging. 

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