Whatever You're Wearing Looks Great, Halle Berry

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Halle Berry Can Make Anything Sexy

As I have stated many times before (and will continue to state whenever the situation calls for it) I know very little about fashion. I can probably describe the difference between a dress and a skirt, I know what a spaghetti strap is, and most of all I know that everything looks good with jeans. So, whatever Halle Berry is rocking, I can't say for sure, but I do know she looks amazing in it.

Honestly, this type looks like a bunch of knotted ropes that you'd see on the deck of a fishing boat, but on Halle Berry it might be the sexiest damn... whatever it is, I've ever seen. Seriously, she looks amazing. Sure, it could be the incredibly large amount of Halle Berry side boob she's showing, but I really do think this rope top thing is just all different kinds of awesome. Of course, I'd rather it not hit store shelves because I don't know if will ever look as good as it does right now. I'm sure that's not what the designer had in mind, but there's nothing wrong with Halle Berry having a collection of clothes that are just for her.

Maybe you know what this style of top is called or maybe you just think Halle Berry and her cleavage look amazing in it. Yes, Halle Berry, in rope tops is something truly great.

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