BIG NEWS: The Fleshbot Awards Are Back, And Now You Can Be a Part of Them

February 22, 2018 | Posted in Pornstars by colette-callaway

The Adult Awards That You Get to Choose

I was going to go with "You Ooze, You Choose," as a subheader, but ooze is never a sexy masturbation word, even when it rhymes. Way back in the day, Fleshbot used to have its very own awards for scenes, performers, studios, directors, and more, but we took a not-so-brief hiatus to think about how we could make the process even better. Now, dear Fleshlings, we have a solution!

Usually, an awards committee of sorts chooses winners, both for adult industry events and mainstream awards season. Since that process can sometimes be a little murky, Fleshbot has decided to put the winners solely in your hands. Here's a statement from one of our awesome reps (AKA, my coworker): 

"While the adult industry has other award shows, we wanted to flip the script and make the Fleshbot awards all about the fans and pornstars themselves. That’s right, 100 percent real people voting on their favorites to determine our real deserving winners," they continued. "The awards and voting are all set up to be fair, transparent, and fun for everyone."

We are still in the nomination process right now, but once the noms are in, there will prizes in it for people who vote and take part in the process, making it extra rewarding and fun. Here's a sneak peek at some of the categories we'll have for you to vote: 

The Fleshbot Awards don't go down until May, but you can get involved right now by casting nominees for these categories in the comments below. Get pumped!

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