Five Reasons Why I Loved Being "Sadistic In Pink", by Bella Bathory

Bella Brings It!

Mistress Bella Bathory has a beautiful new BDSM star showcase out now through Severe Sex Films called "Bella Bathory: Sadistic In Pink" and it is an absolute delight for those who love fem dom kink fun.

"I was able to have complete creative control, and everything had pink or untraditionally feminine and soft aesthetics with intense BDSM."

"Playing with the toughest submissives in the business and watching them quiver at the sight of my bright pink toys is one of my favorite mind fucks."

"Being able to fuck and brutalize my real life partner Siouxsie Q was a beautiful moment in our careers."

"Turning D. Arclyte into a pink bow wrapped fuck toy entirely for my pleasure."

"The partial suspension of Lena Starr, and being the first person allowed to spit in her beautiful whore mouth was a great moment, and the beginning of a great off camera friendship."

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Severe Sex Films. Follow Bathory on Twitter to keep up with all of her sexy BDSM doings and click right here to watch "Bella Bathory: Sadistic In Pink" right now!   

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