We Salute You, Fishnets!

January 26, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Fishnets Drive Us Wild

If you haven't seen the movie Interview (2007) with the lovely Sienna Miller, you should really make an effort to watch it. One of the best lines in that movie comes from Sienna Miller's character, a soap opera star named Katya who says, "So you see, nothing would be more attractive to a man than a woman wearing fishnet stockings and high heels because she has trouble walking and she's imprisoned within this net and therefore he thinks she's easy prey." I don't know that that's the only reason we love fishnets, but we sure do love them.

Whether they are full stockings, half stockings, or even a fishnet body suit, we simply love them. It's a little hard to believe that fishnets are actually meant for outdoor cold weather activities like hiking, fishing, skiing, and such. One could just as easily convince me that they were designed and built for the sole purpose of driving us insane with desire and for strippers to have something help keep their legs warm. And fishnets are everywhere from singers, to actresses, to models, to everyday folks who just want to show off their muscular legs. But damn it, if these everyday clothing items aren't just some of the sexiest things.

Whether combined with more lingerie or simply on their own, fishnets are incredible. Best of all, we can see them just about anywhere and everywhere. So have a silent moment of reflection, raise a glass to toast, or do whatever you do to honor something great. We salute you, fishnets!

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