Ruby Modine Topless Again on "Shameless" Is Great

January 26, 2018 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Always Tune In For Topless Ruby Modine

Not that any of us need another reason to tune into Shameless (2010-2018) each and every week, but Ruby Modine went topless again and it's pretty great. I mean, it's like really great. It's like Ruby Modine topless great. You guys know what I'm saying.

You really gotta hand it to the writers and producers and directors (and whoever else is involved) in coming up with new and fresh ways for Ruby Modine to get topless on the show. While I hope each and every time she comes on screen she'll go topless, I'm still always surprised when it happens. That's because they people behind Shameless now how to keep the show fresh while giving the viewer what they want all at the same time. Yeah, it's pretty great. I mean, if it's not Ruby Modine topless, then it's Emmy Rossum going topless. If it's not Emmy Rossum going topless, it's Ruby Modine going topless. Don't know how they come up with this stuff, but they really do know how to make some great television.

I don't know how many more seasons Shameless is going to go on, but one thing I know for sure is it will continue to be some great television. As long as they keep having Ruby Modine (and Emmy Rossum) going topless, we will tune in for sure.

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