Natalie Joy Johnson Goes Full Frontal on "High Maintenance"

January 23, 2018 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

You May Not Like Puns, But You'll Love Natalie Joy Johnson Nude

You'll have to forgive me for taking a quick trip to Punville, but seeing Natalie Joy Johnson completely nude is a complete joy! Ah, it feels great when a pun comes together so easily. It's almost as great of a feeling as seeing Natalie Joy Johnson's boobs, butt, and bush on High Maintenance (2016-2018).

Sure, one feeling is way, way, way better than the other, and I think we all know which feeling is better. Puns are great and all, but they aren't as great as full frontal nudity, especially when it's Natalie Joy Johnson full frontal nudity. Seriously though, let's all take a moment and think about how awesome it is that we get to gather around our TV screens and see Natalie Joy Johnson completely nude. Thanks to HBO, which should totally change its name to Home Bush Office... wait, that's not as a funny. How about HBBBO? Home Boobs Butts Bush Office? Does that work? Anyway, I'm getting off track here - that's kind of what happens when Natalie Joy Johnson is completely naked in front of your eyes. The point I'm getting at is that HBO is so awesome for doing this, for bringing us great shows and Natalie Joy Johnson completely naked.

Puns or no puns, seeing Natalie Joy Johnson completely nude is going to be a great experience for everyone. Though, why would not want to have a couple of puns, puns are great.

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