Olivia Lua Has Passed Away

Olivia Has Died

Porn star Olivia Lua has died. She was only 23 years old.

L.A. Direct Models, the agency that represented her within the adult industry, released the following statement about her death:

We learned today that Olivia Lua passed away this morning, – may she rest in peace.

Olivia Lua joined Direct Models in April 2017, though had not been available for work since early October of last year, as she had been facing some personal challenges that had seen her in residential rehab for a period of nearly three months and from which she had been out for about a month, hoping to make a return to work in the early part of this year.

We learned today that she had returned to a different facility in West Hollywood after a relapse, approximately a week ago, at which she was found deceased this morning,

Family and close friends relate they had deep concern at the volume of prescription drugs prescribed to Olivia and the danger this posed her, if this was mixed with recreational drugs or alcohol.

It is believed this to be the cause of her passing.

We at Direct Models obviously can barely believe we are issuing a notice such as this, not once but twice, in such a short space of time,

The coincidence that both of these models chosen stage names is Olivia is solely that and they otherwise have no connection – we actually do not think they had ever met.

Direct Models has not spoken to the coroner and has no information on a post-mortem or a toxicology report.

We are deeply shocked and saddened.

We have expressed our sympathy to those closest to her.

Drug addiction is just such a terrible disease. 

The image of Lua above appears here courtesy of BAM Visions/Evil Angel.

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