FLESHBOT EXCLUSIVE: Alana Evans Speaks On Being Invited To Spend Intimate Time With Donald Trump

January 18, 2018 | Posted in Pornstars by holly-kingstown

Alana Shares Her Story

Wicked Pictures contract performer Stormy Daniels has been all over the news recently over her saying to In Touch magazine that Daniels had sex with now-President Donald Trump back in 2006 in a Lake Tahoe, Nevada hotel suite. The story was confirmed to In Touch by AVN Hall of Fame porn star Randy Spears and was supported by at the time her ex-husband/porn producer Mike Moz.

AVN Hall of Fame porn star Alana Evans spoke to The Daily Beast and confirmed that she was invited to spend time with Daniels and Trump in that hotel room by Daniels and Evans has been doing a whole lot of national media on the topic ever since.

Evans has been a dear friend of mine for over ten years and I wanted to check in with her on all of this because, well, holy shit, it's a big fucking deal to find yourself in the middle of a nationally covered thing like this.

I first asked Evans about what it felt like getting invited over for a threeway with Daniels and Trump and she said, 

“Stormy and I are good friends and when a girl calls another girl for a situation like that, it means you are calling someone you are comfortable with and that felt really good for our friendship. If it wasn’t Donald Trump, I probably would have said yes. He was the factor, he was the reason why I said no.”

Trump is not exactly a looker so I asked her if his attractiveness was a factor in her choice not to head over.

"I would hook with Ron Jeremy before I would hook up with Donald Trump....It’s completely who he [Trump] is. He is a powerful and powerful men are dangerous when it comes to a woman like myself. If anything bad happens to a woman like myself in a situation like that, my words mean nothing."

Yeah, that's definitely a universal truth. 

Daniels' original In Touch interview was conducted in 2011 and I wanted to get Evans' opinion on why she believed that this was all coming to the surface now.

"When I spoke about this freely last year, prior to the election it was before jessica drake made her allegations against Trump and prior to Stormy’s ex husband Mike Moz giving his statements," Evans said to me. "I posted on Facebook about it because I thought it was funny. I wanted to share my visual with everyone else before he got elected but no one cared. It got buried with more news about Hillary Clinton’s emails. With that back story, the reason why I think it resurfaced now with new details is that it is a distraction to make the industry look away from Kevin Moore’s statement blaming jessica drake for August Ames’ death."


The image of Evans above appears here courtesy of Sweet Sinner/Mile High Media.

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