Abigail Mac Is On The Loose!

January 19, 2018 | Posted in Hardcore by xavier-bigshot


And She’s Considered Horny And Dangerous…

Johnny Sins is minding his own business by working on his car and listening to the radio when a special news bulletin interrupts the music. A sexy inmate by the name of Abigail Mac has escaped from Brazzers Maximum Security Penitentiary, where she was serving a life sentence. The bulletin warns listeners to keep their distance from the porn star, who is considered horny and dangerous! Johnny rolls his eyes and goes back to working on his car, unaware that Abigail Mac has chosen his house as her first stop on her sex-filled crime spree from jail. Johnny’s sweaty muscles and manliness have attracted this cock-crazed convict like a moth to a light, and she’s determined to get fucked.

After spying on him in his garage she follows him into his house and watches him take a shower. Abigail’s pussy gets instantly wet when she sees Johnny’s thick cock – after all, she hasn’t seen one in years! She masturbates as she spies on him getting clean, knowing soon they’ll both be getting dirty. Johnny hears Abigail’s moans and turns off the shower to investigate. He finds her waiting in his bedroom, begging him to play with her. Johnny remembers the news bulletin and rushes to his phone, but Abigail breaks it before he can call the cops on her. Johnny’s scared, but Abigail soothes his fears with a wet and sloppy blowjob. In the end, Johnny can’t resist her dirty mouth or perfect body, and it’s not long before she’s naked and riding him on his bed. Johnny makes sure to give Abigail the hard dicking she’s been dying for, and then cums all over her pretty face. But before these two can go for another round they hear sirens – did Johnny call the cops on her after all? Abigail isn’t sticking around to find out. Who will be her next target?

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