Jennifer Lawrence Is Explosive in Lingerie

January 19, 2018 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

JLaw as a Bad Ass in Lingerie? I'll Take It!

Not that it should come as a shock to anyone, but Jennifer Lawrence in a matching bra and panty set is pretty damn great. And the fact she plays some kind of badass assassin in Red Sparrow just makes it a little bit hotter. I know I should be shocked, but damn, I'm little taken back by how hot Jennifer Lawrence is in lingerie.

Now, I don't actually know too much about this new action movie and that's mostly on purpose. I don't really need to know what a movie about if Jennifer Lawrence is in it - I'm going to see it anyway. But thanks to lingerie sneak peek, I'm going to give this new one some little extra attention. The only thing I'm pondering right now is: Will Jennifer Lawrence having matching lingerie for each wig? I feel like that is something that would be pretty great... character development. Or something. Call it whatever you want, but with all those wigs you would think she'd have some kind of matching bra and panty go with them. You know, something that matches, fits her personality or whatever. All I'm really getting at here is more Jennifer Lawrence in lingerie is never going to be a bad thing.

And hey, now that Jennifer Lawrence got her big screen nude debut out of the way maybe that means there is more on the way. Red Sparrow isn't rated yet so maybe that means they are deciding whether to keep the nude scene or not. Then again, that could just me being hopeful.

via 20th Century Fox on YouTube

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