Demi Lovato Catches Some Rays In A Very Demi Lovato Style

January 16, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

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Only Demi Lovato Is Demi Lovato Sexy

We all have certain ways of doing things. Whether you think about it or not, we all walk a certain way, talk a certain way, do dishes, rake the yard, swim, run, bike, and so on in a way that truly our own. For Demi Lovato she has a certain way of catching some rays. That way, sexy. Very, very, very sexy.

Though, I'm not 100% sure this isn't for a music video or a promo or an upcoming photo spread, but I do know the way she laying, the way she is looking at the camera, the way she is doing everything is very Demi Lovato. The only I think she might not be out to get some sun is because she's wearing a one-piece bathing suit. Granted it is a very sexy one-piece bathing suit, but surely if Demi Lovato was working on her tan she would have rocked a two-piece. Then again, Demi Lovato does things the way Demi Lovato wants and we are all perfectly happy with that.

So, don't try to copy anyone's style, do your own thing. Besides, there is no way anyone else is going to copy Demi Lovato's soaking up the sun style. That's all Demi Lovato and that my friends is freaking sexy. Very, very, very sexy.

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