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Escorts are tricky women. Unlike a regular hooker, an escort isn’t going to dress the part and she won’t be advertising it on the street. You wont catcher her leaning into open car windows or sashaying down the strip. Even if you are in the right place to find an escort, you can’t always tell on sight. You may be looking for an escort on purpose or you may be wondering if that special woman in your life is moonlighting as an escort. Either way, it can be hard to tell. Thankfully, there are some sure-fire signs to tell if she is an escort. Read on to make sure you are never in doubt again.

She Has a Lot of Money for No Good Reason

If your girlfriend is always rolling in dough but she works part-time at the flower shop, she’s either mobbed up or she’s an escort. Mob guys are notorious for socking away their molls in innocuous little jobs like florist receptionist. Florist receptionists do make scads of cash, however. Anyone with a menial, average job like a receptionist who has a ton of free-flowing, expendable cash on hand is not only a receptionist. Perhaps she has a sugar daddy or just a real dad with deep pockets. It is more likely, however, that it’s a sign she is an escort.

She Keeps Strange Hours

If the woman you are dating just up and leaves during the idle of dinner, you may have to stop and think for a few minutes. Is something going on here? Now imagine she jumps up out of bed at 3 a.m. and leaves on a business call. If she isn’t a doctor, it is probably a sign she is an escort. People who are dating tend to learn each other’s schedules fairly quickly. If she is keeping odd hours and you still have no explanation that makes sense, she is an escort.

She Has Some Addiction Problems

More often than not, if you have resorted to prostitution in order to earn a living, you have hit some hard times. Usually, in these situations, there is some addiction involved. Alcohol, methamphetamines, opioids, something will have a prevailing presence in her life. She may even be addicted to sex. Some evidence points to a sexual addiction in people who were sexually abused as a child. A habitual alcohol problem or any other type of extreme habit can point to other problems and be a sign she is an escort.

She is Extremely Private

Have you noticed that your girl just doesn’t answer personal questions fully? You never seem to get a satisfactory answer from her. Do all her answers seem vague and ambiguous? She may even come right out and say that she doesn’t want to talk about her private life or things in her past. If this is the case, it could be a sign she is an escort. Escorts keep all their information close to the vest. They do not want anyone knowing their business for fear of arrest.

She is Out of Your League

If you're wondering if a woman you’ve met in a casino or lounge is an escort, she probably is. One sure sign in a public environment is if she is smoking hot. When a stunningly gorgeous woman approaches you in a public place or event, just to flirt and drum up conversation, it might be a sign she is an escort. Unless you are a GQ model and gorgeous women normally throw themselves at you. In that case, she may not be an escort. Otherwise, think twice before you take that flirty hottie up to your room. She may be asking for your credit card numbers next.

It really isn’t that hard to read the signs if she is an escort. A lot of it is intuition. You get a gut feeling and sort of feel this sort of stuff. When two or three things are not adding up and more questions pop up daily, you know something isn’t right. Do some investigating on your own. Check out her alibi and where she says she is. Look into her job and private life. If she is an escort, that isn’t the sort of career you can keep hidden for long.

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