Don't It Make You Happy When Doutzen Kroes Is in a Bikini?

January 12, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Let Doutzen Kroes in a Thong Bikini Chase the Blues Away

We all have something that always makes us happy. No matter our mood or what's going on, there are a few things that bring a smile to our faces. Be it a funny movie, a good friend to talk to, or Doutzen Kroes in bikini, happiness is right around the corner when those magical treats are near. Personally, I'd skip the movie and dump the friend for Doutzen Kroes in a bikini.

Once again I find myself wondering where in the world Doutzen Kroes found these bikinis. I think she's rocking at least two, but there could totally be a third. Doutzen Kroes must have some bikinis designed for her incredible body because each one looks amazing in its own way. There is no way Doutzen Kroes is bikini shopping off the rack. From very little material to an amazing thong Doutzen Kroes in a bikini is always a welcomed sight. I'm not even having that bad of a day, but damn it, I feel so much happier now that I've had a little Doutzen Kroes in a bikini to brighten up my day. It just warms my heart, that Doutzen Kroes in a bikini. Yep, few things in this world make me happier than Doutzen Kroes in a thong bikini. Doutzen Kroes is probably the best way to shake the blues ever.

Of course, I'm not saying you should give up everything else that makes you happy, but maybe just start with Doutzen Kroes in a bikini. If that doesn't make you happy, then probably nothing will.


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