Checking in with Girlsway's Girl of the Month for January Piper Perri

January 16, 2018 | Posted in Pornstars by holly-kingstown

Pretty, Pretty Piper!

Beautiful blonde porn star Piper Perri is back in action after taking a break from performing and Girlsway saluted her return by making her their Girlsway Girl of the Month for the month of January. She also is up for an AVN Award later this month for Best Virtual Reality Sex Scene for her scene with Elena Koshka, Jaye Summers, Kenzie Reeves and Ike Diezel in VR Bangers' "Sorority Hookup". Perri will be signing for Girlsway at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas later this month and she had her "Showcases" scene debut for them as well. (The company rebranded their "Dream Pairings" into the new "Showcases" for the new year." Perri is sweet, fun, funny and is all about pleasing every lady that comes into her path on screen. She did her very first Girlsway scene back in 2015 and the camera and her legion of fans definitely love her equally. Perri was nice enough to check in with us here. Here's what she has to say about getting to given this title.


Congrats on being Girlsway's Girl of the Month! How does it feel to be given that honor? 
"Thank you so much; it's a really wonderful feeling. I'm so thrilled to be Girlsway's Girl of the Month. I still remember when I shot my very first real scene for them with Jenna Sativa, and now this! It kind of feels like I've perfected my lesbian skills and grown up with Girlsway over my time in porn. I love them. <3"

What do you love most about Girlsway and the Girlsway production staff? 
"I love how the Girlsway website has such a user-friendly interface and they really take the time to also listen to fan requests as well. As far as the staff go, well, they are really like family. They are always kind, positive, and just a fantastic talented group of people to work with and be around."

What do you think makes Girlsway's scenes special? 

"I think what makes Girlsway's scenes so special is their authenticity and how beautiful the scenes look. So truly, it is the entire crew that makes their stuff so great to watch."

What makes a great girl/girl scene in your experience? 
"I think what makes a great girl/girl scene is having positive good vibes with your scene partner, and just having a great time the whole time."

How does being a Girlsway Girl of the Month rank among your porn experiences to date?
"It is definitely one of my top experiences of my career, and a great honor to receive this title."

What Girlsway scenes have you enjoyed doing the most so far in your time working for them? 
"Oh my gosh, that is so difficult to answer because I've had SO much fun on every Girlsway set I have ever been on. However, I did really enjoy being able to take the wheel in a sense for my Girl of the Month scene with Katrina Jade and Elena Koshka."

What have you been loving most about being back as a performer in general? 
"I'm just happy to be back working full time, being busy and being surrounded by people who love and support me. We're all like a huge family in this industry."

Other than being a Girlsway Girl of the Month, what else would you most like to achieve in your porn career? 
"Another goal of mine would to be to hopefully *fingers crossed* one day take home an AVN trophy."

What is coming up for you? 
"I have a ton of projects lined up for this year, and we also have XBIZ and AVN later this month."

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans here at Fleshbot? 
"Thank you so much for being the very best fans, and I love you all!"

All of the images and video here appear courtesy of Girlsway. You can check out Perri's Girlsway scenes by clicking right here right now!  

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