Lily Rose Depp Goes Topless... ish

January 10, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

But Lily Rose Depp Has a Nice Ass!

Well, once again we find ourselves at the mercy of cute emojis instead of boobs. No doubt this topless-ish pic of Lily Rose Depp was posted on one of the social media sites that frowns upon the beauty that is the boobie, but at least Lily Rose Depp didn't have to put a cute animal over her ass cheeks.

Yes, it would seem that once again Lily Rose Depp is going topless and yet not really showing off any boob at all. This all has to be part of her master plan to get hype going about her boobs until we simply can't take it anymore and then she'll go topless and that day will go down as one of the greatest days in all of human history. If this truly is Lily Rose Depp's plan... than damn it, it's working. It's a great plan, I love it. Sure there might be some frustrated ones out there who are ready to see Lily Rose Depp topless, but don't fret my friends, that day will come. Until then Lily Rose Depp in a thong bikini is pretty damn great. You shouldn't toss aside a topless non-boob pic when there is ass - that would just be a waste of a perfectly good Lily Rose Depp ass pic.

And so, we wait. We wait for when Lily Rose Depp is ready to go topless. Until that day we will enjoy every single tease and taunt and thong bikini pic Lily Rose Depp wants to share.


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