Shanina Shaik Shines in Yellow for LOVE Advent

January 10, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

More Shanina Shaik Is Always a Good Thing

If watching Shanina Shaik dancing around in yellow undies doesn't make you smile, then you have a lump of coal where your heart should be. Shanina Shaik and her incredible body have me grinning from ear to ear and will no doubt put an extra kick in my step. I won't know about that kick in my step until later because I'm glued to my chair right now watching this Shanina Shaik video.

LOVE Advent is truly becoming the gift that keeps on giving. They are still going strong even through advent season has long since passed. Though, they might be setting themselves up for trouble because we are all going to expect to see videos like this one of Shanina Shaik shaking her rump in yellow throughout January next year. In fact, we are going to hope that the calendar will continue into February. Even if that means they have to give Shanina Shaik more than one video (which we would all be fine with), they are going to have to keep the love going. Sure, it's more work for them, but the world could use a little more Shanina Shaik in lingerie.

So throw all your cares away and get lost with Shanina Shaik and her incredible body. No doubt you'll find something to love about this video that will just make your day better. And if not, keep watching until you do.

via LOVE TV by LOVE Magazine on YouTube

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