Is This The Year of Gaga Butt?

January 11, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

Lady Gaga Keeps Showing Off Her Great Ass

You know how sometimes you can tell what kind of year it's going to be in the first few weeks? If you get a promotion at work right off the bat, then you know it's going to be a good year, but if you stub your toe repeatedly on different objects for a week, you know the year is going to suck. I'm starting to wonder if this will be the year of Lady Gaga's ass.

We aren't even a month into the new year, and already this is the second Lady Gaga thong bikini shot we've gotten. I also think it's the same bikini she used to wish us a happy new year with early on Twitter. Of course, I could be totally off base with this, it could just be dumb luck that we are getting to see Lady Gaga's awesome ass in a thong twice in a row, but I felt like last year we constantly got Lady Gaga's topless one day and Lady Gaga showing us her boobs a few days later. There is a pattern to these things and those patterns mean something. They mean we could be having a great year because we're going to be seeing a lot of Lady Gaga's rear end. 

Sure, you might not believe in any of that mambo-jumbo, but one thing you must believe in is how great it is to see Lady Gaga's wonderful butt. Whether it means anything for the future or not, it's still a pretty great way to start off a new year. 

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