If Jocelyn Binder Looks This Hot in Lingerie...

January 12, 2018 | Posted in Celebrity by jack-blackbush

... Bet She's Even Hotter Naked

It's very important one never judge a book by it's cover. Sure, we may judge wine by the label and movies by the actors, but judging books by covers is a no-no. It's really the same with people, but there are certain times when you can go ahead and make a prediction based on sight alone. I mean, Jocelyn Binder is pretty damn hot in lingerie, one can imagine she's pretty hot out of lingerie.

Granted, we do get a pseudo peek at a nude Jocelyn Binder thanks to that futuristic lingerie - the one that is nothing more than a few straps, but it doesn't give a full on, no holds barred, unobstructed view of a nude Jocelyn Binder. It gives us a lot - I mean, we can see almost everything, but the key word there is "almost." Yet I feel pretty damn confident in saying that I have no doubt Jocelyn Binder completely nude is one hell of a beautiful sight. I'm sure there are pictures out there that prove my point, but I'm going to wait until they come across my desk. That's how confident I am, I don't have to go looking for the evidence because I know it will arrive on its own.

We are all guilty of judging from time to time, but there are instances when judging is a good thing. And judging Jocelyn Binder's hotness is a very, very good thing.

photos by Dove Shore

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