Lady Gaga Wishes Us Happy New Year With a Thong

Now That's How You Welcome a New Year

Maybe you got a card, maybe someone gave you kiss, but most likely you just got a half-hearted "Happy New Year" from someone on New Year's Day. But don't get down because Lady Gaga is going to wish you a happy new year in the best way possible! She's wearing a thong bikini! Now that's a great way to welcome 2018.

Lady Gaga in a thong kind of puts that card to shame that we all get from that random aunt every year. And I have to be honest, it's kind of how I want to ring in the new year from now on. Forget the hats, the booze, the ball drops, all that seems kind of dumb at this point. I mean, would you rather celebrate the new year with friends outside in the cold or would you rather stare at a Lady Gaga's really great ass in a thong? It's no contest. I don't know if we can replace a ball drop with like a reveal of Lady Gaga's ass in the thong, but that's something to tune in for every year.

And hey, let's take a moment thank Twitter for keeping this picture up. God knows if it was Instagram, I'm sure they would have a had a cow by now and taken down Lady Gaga's awesome ass in a thong bikini. Thanks, Twitter, and thanks to Lady Gaga for making the start of 2018 pretty cheeky.

via Lady Gaga on Twitter

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