No Shame in Loving Emmy Rossum Nude

January 4, 2018 | Posted in straight by jack-blackbush

Emmy Rossum's Boobs Will Always Bring Us Back

Typically after four or five seasons a show just runs out of steam. Sure, there are few exceptions, but most of the time, the people behind the show just run out of ideas. Of course, if you have Emmy Rossum as the star of your show, all you have to do is keep showing her boobs and the show will just keep going and going and going and...

Yes, Shameless (2010-2017) marches on and Emmy Rossum still has some of the best breasts on television. It really is quite amazing to think how many times we've seen Emmy Rossum's boobs and yet with each new glimpse, we still get that warm fuzzy feeling in our souls. Really, that's what keeps the show fresh. Emmy Rossum's constant nudity is what keeps the show going. I don't want to hear anything about interesting plot lines or the developing characters or feeling like you've been with the Gallaghers since the beginning. That might be what you tell yourself when you tune in every week, but really, it's all about Emmy Rossum's awesome boobs.

So, keep coming up with those interesting stories and new characters - we'll keep watching as long as we keep seeing Emmy Rossum's boobs. Those beauties will always keep us coming back again and again and again. No shame in that, no shame in that at all.

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