Cynda Mcelvana Topless Is Pretty Hot, Pretty Hot Indeed

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Cynda Mcelvana Has Some Awesome Boobs

Sorry folks, but this time around, there won't be any funny ha-ha stuff. Nope. Not at all. Though, I don't think any of you are going to be disappointed one bit because when you see Cynda Mcelvana topless, you'll understand why. There is no beating around the comedy bush on this one - Cynda Mcelvana has some pretty awesome boobs.

In fact, Cynda Mcelvana has a pretty awesome nude body to do with her pretty awesome boobs. I mean, I could sit here and stare all day at a topless Cynda Mcelvana until I think of a couple of puns, but what would be the point? I've been sitting here for a pretty long time and all I can think about is Cynda Mcelvana having really awesome boobs. They are great boobs. They are fantastic boobs. They are some of the finest boobs I've seen in awhile. Cynda Mcelvana has great boobs, period, end of sentence. There just isn't cause for jokes, there is only cause for long periods of staring at Cynda Mcelvana  topless.

Maybe next time Cynda Mcelvana will be topless in some kind of crazy get-up or strange place and the jokes will just flow out of me. Until then, let's just be in awe of Cynda Mcelvana and her awesome boobs.

photos by Darren Ankenman

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