Kamila Szalas Is One Dark Haired Beauty

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No Matter the Hair Color, Kamila Szalas Is Hot

For many out there, nothing beats a beautiful nude blonde. I get it, I understand it, it makes total sense to me. But on the other side of that coin are those who love a dark-haired beauty. And for those, they are just going to love a nude Kamila Szala. Hell, even if you love blondes above all others, you are going to love a nude Kamila Szalas.

Here's the thing about Kamila Szalas - she could have whatever hair color she wanted and odds are it would still be really freaking hot. Kamila Szalas has an amazing nude body, I don't think the hair color or style or length would change that. Though I have to admit, I'd kind of like to see a blonde Kamila Szalas and a redhead Kamila Szalas and even a funky purple-haired Kamila Szalas. As long as Kamila Szalas is nude, she can do whatever she wants. She could have a shaved head for all I care and her entire body could be painted blue - she would still be a beauty.

Variety is the spice of life, or so they tell me. There is no better variety that having a blonde that you love, a redhead you love, and dark-haired beauty you love. Make Kamila Szalas that dark-haired beauty you love.

photos by Michał Laskowski

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