Alexa Vega Is Ready For The Beach

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Warm Up With Alexa Vega In A Bikini

The first day of winter was just the other day and for most of us it means sweaters and coats and gloves and hats and basically being cold 98% of the time. But for some lucky folks they get to escape to the warm weather, the beaches, and in the case of Alexa Vega, they get to strap on their strapless bikini for fun in the sun.

And hopefully these few Instagram pics of Alexa Vega in her rather tight, black bikini are only the beginning. While seeing Alexa Vega in a bikini is always a treat, she's inside. Of course there is nothing wrong with wearing a bikini inside, but I think we are all hoping to get some Alexa Vega bikini beach pics. You know, something to help warm us up on these cold winter days. And as much as a warm cup of joe and sweater can help heat you up it doesn't come close to the effect of Alexa Vega in a bikini at the beach. Yeah, nothing gets the body heat rising like Alexa Vega in a bikini.

So, we'll have to keep an eye out for more Instagram posts. Hopefully Alexa Vega gets to spend a lot of time playing the water, building sandcastles, and wearing bikinis.

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