Good News: The 'Pussypedia' Has Been Fully Funded

Once upon a time, Zoe Mendelson was Google searching squirting and was disappointed by the results. (Same, girl.) And then she realized how little most women know about their own anatomy. Where is the G-spot? What various places create our orgasms? Why does anal sex sometimes feel good and sometimes feel terrible?

On and on it goes - so Zoe teamed up with her friends María Conejo (a visual artist) and Jackie Jahn (a Harvard PhD student) to create Pussypedia, the encyclopedia of everything pussy. 

“‘Vagina’ comes from the word ‘sheath,’” said Zoe in an interview with HelloGiggles. “So ‘vagina’ kinda means, ‘that thing you put a penis in.’ Vulva was an option, but it sounded too clinical. Also, ‘pussy’ is grabbing back. It’s already being reappropriated and we like that.”

They funded the project on Kickstarter with wild success, so Pussypedia is a go. It'll include 3D, interactive diagrams of the vagina, vulva, and uterus, and it aims to focus on everything from sexual health to pleasure. Weeee! Mostly, it aims to fill in the gaping, unending chasms in the sexual education landscape, which I'm all for. 

Hell yeah. I can't wait for this. 

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