Eva and Clara Are Double The Fun

December 16, 2017 | Posted in Amateur by jack-blackbush

Two Really Is Better Than One

They say that two is better than one, but as we all know that isn't always the case. Two bills due isn't better than one. Two flat tires isn't better than one. Sometimes one is way better than two, but sometimes two is the only way to go. With a topless Eva and a topless Clara, two really is one thousand times better than one.

Now, I have no idea if Eva and Clara are best friends in real life, but I'm really hoping so. It does seem like they have a natural chemistry together. It's almost as if Eva's boobs really compliment Clara's breasts and Clara's breasts make Eva's boobs look fantastic. That's hard to find in a good friend, someone who's boobs make your breasts look better and the other way around. Yeah, hopefully Eva and Clara not only spend their time together getting topless, but also hang out, have tea, watch movies... also while topless. And no, I wasn't able to find out their last times and that's due to lack of trying. I'm sure I could do some searching, but I'd rather sit here and stare at Eva and Clara topless than do anything else.

So, let's all enjoy the rarity that is two actually being better than one. Eva and Clara and Clara and Eva. They both have awesome boobs and when they are together, it's a pair that can't be beat.

photos by Garbo

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