Sara Underwood Getting Dressed... Somewhere

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So, Sara Jean Underwood is totally getting dressed and she's letting us all get a peek, but the real question is... where the hell is she? Is she in like some kind of watchtower? A tiny pyramid-shaped cottage? A crashed UFO? I have no idea where in the world our little nature-loving nudist could be.

And props to Sara Underwood for getting her boobs on Instagram finally. While you can't really see her nipples, you can totally see her nipples. I knew that if anyone could find a way around the no boobs things on Instagram it was going to be Sara Underwood. Seriously though, Sara Underwood loves to travel to the strangest and oddest of places and then get naked. She loves being nude outdoors and getting dressed... things like that. Those are probably the two reasons we love her the most. She goes where we want and gets naked - that's pretty awesome in my book. Though, if anyone has any idea where Sara Underwood is getting dressed, it would be great to get an answer. I know I'm going to be sitting here all day watching this Instagram video over and over and over to get some clues as to her location. Though, if I'm being honest, I was going to watch this video all day even if I knew where she was.

Yeah, Sara Jean Underwood is really great at getting nude in strange places. I've said it before and I'll gladly say it again, Sara Jean Underwood needs a show where she travels to strange places and gets nude. Everyone would love that show.

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