Straight-from-the-Pool Julianne Hough Might Be the Best

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Julianne Hough's Cleavage Is at the Top of its Game

We have all witnessed many different versions of Julianne Hough. There's Dancing with the Stars (2006-2016) Julianne Hough, there's going into the gym Julianne Hough, there's coming out of the yoga studio Julianne Hough, and there's even topless from behind Julianne Hough. No matter the Julianne Hough, it's sexy. But of all the Julianne Houghs, I do believe that coming out of the pool Julianne Hough might be the best. 

For you see, coming out of the pool combines all the best parts of Julianne Hough. You've got a soaking wet Julianne Hough, just like coming out of yoga studio. You've got tight clothing (this time a bathing suit), just like going to the gym Julianne Hough. And you've got awesome cleavage Julianne Hough, which makes you think of the costumes she wears on DWTS and her bikinis that she sometimes doesn't wear tops with. Seriously, this is the pinnacle of Julianne Hough's hotness. The only thing that would be better than Julianne Hough coming out of a pool would be Julianne Hough coming out of a pool topless. Let's cross our fingers on that one.

No doubt we will continue to love each and every version of Julianne Hough, they all have something unique that makes Julianne Hough so awesome. But don't be surprised when you find yourself comparing all other Julianne Houghs to coming out of the pool Julianne Hough.

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