More Stephanie Beatriz Being Hot, Please!

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Also, the Sooner the Better

Okay, I'm just going to come out and say it. We need more Stephanie Beatriz and we need it like two weeks ago. I know I'm not the only one on the Stephanie Beatriz bandwagon and we really could use some more sexy pics of her as soon as humanly possible.

Look, I have no idea what is going on these Stephanie Beatriz pics. Is she roller staking in a white bathing suit that says "FedUp" instead of FedEx and just stopped by some ice cream cart to take pics? I don't know, I really can't answer that question. The only thing I do is point out how freaking hot Stephanie Beatriz is in this ensemble. Sure, the sunglass visor may cause one to tilt the head in curiosity, but that can't take away from the fantastic body of Stephanie Beatriz. While I think we all would have enjoyed more cleavage, the bit of Stephanie Beatriz cleavage we got is pretty great. Basically, what I'm trying to get out here is that Stephanie Beatriz is hot and we could use some more pics of her in little to no clothing.

Seriously, movers and shakers, let's get on this one. Stephanie Beatriz has been around for awhile and this really shouldn't be some people's first glimpse at her hotness. Though, if it is, you are damn lucky and welcome to the Stephanie Beatriz is hot party.

For more sexy pics and videos of Stephanie Beatriz, head over to Mr. Skin.

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