It Was a Dark and Topless Elena V. Molina Night

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Elena V. Molina Topless Is Scary Hot

"It was a dark and scary night" used ring terror in the hearts of many. Even I will admit to sometimes having a fear of the dark. Of course, now that I'm older, I'm not that afraid of the dark. But in those times, in those terrible and dark times, I simply repeat to myself "Somewhere in the dark, Elena V. Molina is topless" and suddenly the dark isn't so scary.

Yes, it doesn't matter if Elena V. Molina is inside or outside, she's pretty hot when topless in both places. And it's that fact that makes the dark not that scary anymore. I kind of wonder if a topless Elena V. Molina could help with other fears. Like instead of freaking out when you see a spider on the wall or when you're high up in a plane or trapped in a small elevator on a hot summer's day, instead of your thoughts wandering to that fearful spot in your mind, you could try and replace with an image of Elena V. Molina topless on the beach. Surely her wonderful breasts will be like a comforting wind blowing over you, helping you relax in a fearful situation.

Hey, maybe you're not afraid of anything. Or at least that's what you tell yourself. If that's the case, then seeing Elena V. Molina's breasts on a dark night will still send a chill up your spine, just for different reasons.

photos by Javier Caso


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