Nothing Could Be Finer Than Doutzen Kroes in Lingerie

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Doutzen Kroes Knows How to Wear Lingerie

The first snowfall of winter, the stars on a cloudless night, and Doutzen Kroes in lingerie; those, my friends, are the finest things you will ever see in this world. In fact, you can ditch the snowfall and stars and just go with Doutzen Kroes in lingerie as the finest thing ever if you want.

Man alive, Doutzen Kroes just knows how to wear lingerie. And don't give me that "everyone knows how to wear lingerie" line. That sarcastic tone should be reserved for another time. You know what I mean, you know what I'm saying, you know you are staring at Doutzen Kroes' ass in those panties. If you're not, then it's because you are staring at Doutzen Kroes's cleavage. It's as if all the gods got together and decided to make the perfect lingerie model and molded together the unbelievably sexy Doutzen Kroes we see before us. Honestly, I don't know how I can look at anyone else in lingerie when Doutzen Kroes roams this earth. I mean I'm totally going to because... you know... supermodels in lingerie are awesome, but with each gaze my mind will put Doutzen Kroes in that bra and panty set.

There are so many things in this world that we can find beautiful. While we may not agree on everything, we all totally agree on Doutzen Kroes in lingerie. Seriously, Doutzen Kroes in lingerie is like the finest of the fine of the best of the most awesome ever, ever.

photos via Hunkemöller Lingerie

For more sexy pics and videos of Doutzen Kroes, head over to Mr. Skin.

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